About UpTurn Management

UpTurn Management Group is a team of management advisors with decades of experience that allow us to understand and improve your business. We offer a range of hands-on consulting services to help analyze and correct issues with your operations.

Free Initial Consultations

The UpTurn Management advisory process starts with a series of free consultations to identify the major issues at your business and whether you will be comfortable working with us to resolve these problems. We view our consulting as a team activity with your management and it can only be successful if there is a good fit with our staff. By participating in the initial consultations, your company can assess the value that we can bring to your operations, we can be sure that there is sufficient management buy-in for the consulting engagement to be productive, and together can identify an initial list of issues that need to be addressed as part of our collaboration.

We Work with You and Your Staff

UpTurn will work with your executives and staff to plan and execute changes to improve profitability, sales, and growth.  We will help analyze existing business performance, recommend changes in management and/or operations, and work with you on financing options to facilitate stability and future growth.  We focus on a collaborative model, working with all the stakeholders to find and implement solutions to any issues that may be limiting your business success.  These may include issues such as management structure, financial oversight, productivity, and sales.  Whatever your challenges are, our advisors will have the experience to diagnose the biggest issues and work with you to help implement appropriate technical, operational, or management solutions.

Wide Range of Consulting Skills

UpTurn consultants have experience in the strategic, financial, and operational aspects of business profitability.  Our advisors have a strong mix of management and technical skills that can be leveraged to address the many types of issues that lead to problems with liquidity and growth.  Identifying issues is not sufficient to solve problems without the technical and management skills to assist with issues like planning, staffing, financing, marketing, and operational reporting. We bring together the diverse skills and decades of experience in management and consulting roles required to work with both management and staff to prioritize immediate improvements and long term solutions.

UpTurn Management Group, LLC, 1510 N. Westwood Ave, Suite 2025F, Toledo, OH 43606